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O.J. Simpson Acquitted of All Charges – 10/3/1995

On October 3rd of 1995, O.J. Simpson was acquitted of the double murder of his estranged wife and her friend Ron Goldman, despite overwhelming evidence against him. The trial had lasted 252 days. All anyone in the world could say was “He got away with it... He got away with it...” Nobody existed who thought he hadn't done it.

It was a long, sad fall from grace. In the 1970s, O.J. Simpson was a good looking NFL star who played for the Buffalo Bills and later, for the San Francisco 49ers. He even won the Heisman Trophy. He also had a successful career as an actor, even before he retired from football. By all accounts, O.J. Simpson was an American hero.

O.J. Simpson and Nicole Brown were married in 1985, and had two children. Nicole had called police repeatedly while the couple were married, and there was heaping evidence that O.J. had regularly abused his wife. Nicole filed for divorce in 1992.

Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman were slashed and stabbed to death outside her Los Angeles home on June 12th of 1994. She had left her glasses in a restaurant. Ron, a waiter at the restaurant, decided to drop them off at her house.

The legal “dream team” representing O.J. Simpson included Johnny Cochran, Robert Shapiro, and Robert Kardashian. Robert Kardashian was the father of the now famous Kardashian sisters, but Kris Kardashian left Robert when he was sequestered for the O.J. trial and didn't come home for more than a year. So Kris moved on with Bruce Jenner, while watching her now ex-husband defend the man everyone knew was guilty of killing her friend, Nicole. The Kardashian family and the Simpson family had been friends, which is how Robert Kardashian got dragged into it all.

Not only was O.J. acquitted, but he also got the two children back that he had with Nicole. They had been staying with one of Nicole's sisters during the trial.

O.J. swore that he would not rest until he found the killers. A short while later, he was seen playing golf on several occasions. This gave rise to the joke that O.J. had the suspects narrowed down to Jack Niklaus and Lee Trevino.

A civil suit soon followed, and the verdict was just the opposite. O.J. was ordered to pay 33.5 million dollars in damages to the Brown and Goldman families in a wrongful death suit. The years that followed were filled with arrests and legal issues that dragged on and on. O.J. Had trouble staying out of trouble. In fact, the state of California claims that Simpson owes 1.4 million dollars in back taxes.

Some years later in 2007, O.J. thought he noticed some of his belongings in a pawn shop. Taking the law into his own hands once again, he went in with several armed men and took whatever he thought was his from the pawn shop. He is now serving about 33 years in prison (with at least nine years without parole) for armed robbery, kidnapping, and various other felonies. 

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