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Italy Declares War On Germany - 10/13/1943

On this present day in 1943, the Italian government declared war on its former partner Federal Republic of Germany and joins the battle with the Allies.

During the fall of the fascist government in July, which also saw Mussolini overthrown, General Pietro Badoglio who was Mussolini's former chief of staff and the man who had gained power in the Duce's stead by the order of King Emanuel started negotiations with General Eisenhower as regards the conditional surrendering of Italy to the Allies. By September 8, it was a known fact that the Italian government is allowing the Allies to land in Salerno, southern Italy, as part of the quest to defeat the Germans.

Without hesitating, the Germans swiftly move into action. Adolf Hitler had already sensed that since Mussolini has turned to a weakling, which means that is the best chance to win the war. He began making plans on how to invade Italy to stop the Allies from gaining a strong foothold in other not reach Balkans, a Germans occupied territory.

The day Italy surrendered, Hitler countered with his Operation Axis. Immediately the German troops entered Rome, Gen. Badoglio alongside the royal family fled to Brindisi, in southeastern Italy to start a new anti-fascist government.

On October 13th, Gen. Badoglio quickly moved into the next stage of its agreement with Eisenhower, which is the full integration of Italian troops into the Allied operation as a way to recapture Rome from the Germans. A British general describe the whole process as extremely slow.

Starting with the error of beginning a full operation from the far south in the peninsula, the process of consolidating coupled with the establishment of a firm base of operations and conjoining divisions every time a new region was captured, and bad weather made the whole race of capturing Rome far away from reality. Eventually, Rome was regained and once again freed. Which means it remains yet another bold step in freeing the whole of Italy from the fascist.  

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