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About Us

Historical Portal takes you on a journey through time, allowing you to truly explore every point in history. Whether that is going back to the dinosaur period, or sailing with Christopher Columbus, or even rocking out to Jimmy Hendrix at Woodstock, Historical Portal will transport you there. 

It's our mission to give people a way to travel through time and explore history the way that it should be. These recently discovered photos and stories from the past will change what you've learned in school and show you the truth of what really happened throughout history. 

Historical Portal is a group dedicated to sharing in the nostalgia of our powerful historical past. The writers at Historical Portal are very passionate about sharing their experiences and knowledge of the past and make you feel like you are actually walking around during that time.

Our main objective is to start with unique content that engages our audiences organically and from social channels. So come with us and enjoy your adventure through time. 

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